Caring for the Environment: the right thing to do

handsholdingearth.jpgOn October 24, 2013, OCICE President and Co-Founder, Margaret Henke was a guest columnist for the Orange County Register.  Her article, titled "Caring for the Environment: The Right Thing To Do, talks about species having to adapt, birds migrating farther north, and our moral obligation to care for the earth in order to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Here is an excerpt from the article.  

It is pretty evident that our climate is changing when we see other species trying to adapt. Bird migrations are changing, and many land species are moving north to find a climate more like they are used to.

Health officials tell us diseases are moving north as well, and many of our trees out west are dying because a warming climate favors an infestation of the bark beetle. Lakes and rivers are drying up in many parts of the world, and many low-lying islands have already been covered by rising ocean water.

Read the full article here.  You may require a OC Register subscription to read the article online.

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