Creation Protection Campaign

earth_tree.jpgNever before in history, have human beings had the capacity for destroying the Earth as they are today. This continuing destruction of the environment, on a global scale, seriously brings into question whether humankind and the majority of living creatures can survive in the years to come.

Destruction of this magnitude of the Creator’s home for all living things points to a moral and spiritual crisis in humanity. It also presents an unprecedented challenge to those who profess to believe in a Creator, live a faith-based life, and seek to honor the Creator’s works.

The ongoing destruction of life on Earth demands that the leaders and congregants of every faith community consider their roles as stewards of creation and how they can lead society, through inspiration from their own traditions, to life-affirming and immediate changes in how humanity interacts with sacred Creation. Perhaps no other element of society can have a larger influence on how humanity responds to this call than faith-based communities.

In 2009, the Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment (OCICE) developed the Creation Protection Agreement for the purpose of educating congregations of the importance of Caring for and Protecting Creation through Responsible Stewardship. Read the letter that OCICE mailed to all Orange County congregations.

Since then, OCICE has developed a shorter version of that agreement, entitled "Interfaith Call to Action," which was released at the May 28, 2014 Faith Leaders' Luncheon.  We hope you will read and then sign and return this Call to Action, indicating your willingness to Care for Creation.

OCICE offers workshops to help guide you through the process of speaking to your congregation about environmental stewardship, greening your house of worship, home, school, and office, as well as many others. Please visit our Programs Page for details.

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