The Earth in Crisis!


A Call for Interfaith and Multi-Cultural Action



The Earth in Crisis:  Facing the Odds & Working Together

A Presentation by Dr. Linda Groff, International Futurist Scholar and Distinguished Speaker.

Fri. Sept. 15  /  7 – 9 PM  --Dessert, Presentation & Discussion.

Church of the Foothills  -- Fellowship Hall

19211 Dodge Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705


Please join us for an informative and important presentation for our times, and in consideration of the challenges and problems facing humanity and our planet.

Dr. Groff is an Emeritus Professor, Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, where she taught Future Studies and Political Science for many years. She has a rich academic background in the study of many world topics and concerns, and she has authored and published numerous articles that face the question of who we are as a species, of people of divergent cultural and religious backgrounds and different socio-political experiences and expectations.

As a sought after speaker on issues of our changing world and what is happening to our earth and the survival possibilities for the future, we welcome her knowledge, research and views on where we are now in terms of making a difference as individuals and collectively to create a more promising future—a future where humans are living in harmony with Nature and each other.

Following Dr. Groff’s talk, you will be invited to ask questions and to contribute suggestions on how we can restore balance and harmony to the planet and use our faith and personal involvement to do so.

Let’s listen and learn from each other.  $10 donation at the door.

RSVP  -   or just show up.