Organic gardening isn't as difficult as many people make it out to be and it can be less expensive because you don't have to purchase fertilizer if you have space for a composter.

Follow these easy steps for a healthy lawn and garden.


  1. Pull weeds by hand.  Using weed killers like Round Up are incredibly toxic and expensive,not to mention, they can kill the plants you want to keep.
  2. For difficult weeds or weeds that get in sidewalk or driveway cracks, use boiling water or vinegar instead of toxic chemicals.  Click here for a very good article with photos of how well vinegar works.
  3. Compost kitchen produce waste rather than throwing it in the garbage.
    1. Use only produce - no meat
    2. Coffee grounds and egg shells are also good for the composter
  4. Use coffee grounds to keep pesky snails out of the garden.  Use your own or, for a larger area, ask your local coffee shop to give you their used grounds.  Most coffee shops are happy to give them away.
  5. If coffee grounds aren't enough to deter snails, egg shells are also helpful.  
  6. Keep the soil aerated so that water can soak into the roots.  Hard packed soil makes most of the water run off, wasting precious resources.
  7. Lawns:
    1. Set your timers to water no more than 2 minutes at a time, with 2-3 cycles during the hot summer months.
    2. Consider removing your lawn and replacing with drought tolerant landscaping.  Your water district may have rebates available if you remove your lawn.  The Irvine Ranch Water District has rebate programs available if you live in their service area.  Visit the IRWD website to learn more. 


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