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Green Building is becoming the norm, at least here in Southern California, where can take advantage of sun, wind, and moderate temperatures.  Highlighted below, are Green Building experts, located in Southern California, along with resources to help you decide what is best for your situation.


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Construction Management

LEED Construction: Building a Brighter Future


When many people think about carbon emissions, they assume that cars and other motorized vehicles are the main culprits. However, building construction uses 30 percent of all raw materials consumed in this country and 12 percent of all available potable water – 15 trillion gallons each year.  This level of water consumption is ultimately unsustainable, given that the United Nations World Water Development Report 3, issued in 2009, states that one-third of the world’s population already lacks access to clean water. The report projects that at the present rate of consumption, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed conditions by 2025.

Buildings continue to be environmentally demanding after construction has been completed. Buildings and the built environment account for 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and 30  percent of all waste products – some 136 million tons annually. As a major contributing factor to climate change, greenhouse gases have had a detrimental effect on the health of the planet, including rapid and perhaps irreversible melting of Arctic polar sea ice.

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Southern California Edison's Energy Assistance Program

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) offers no-cost energy-saving home improvements and furnace repair or replacement services for qualified limited-income renters and homeowners.

Available energy-saving services may include:
Attic insulation Pipe insulation
Door weather-stripping Faucet aerators
Caulking Minor repairs to exterior doors and/or windows
Low flow shower heads and faucet aerators Energy Education
Water heater blankets Furnace and water heater repair or replacement (owner-occupied only)
Evaporative cooler covers and A/C covers High-efficiency clothes washers and more.

There are two ways you may qualify

  1. If you or another person in your household receives benefits from any of these programs:

    Healthy Families Categories A & B
    Women, Infants, & Children (WIC)
    CalWORKs (TANF) or Tribal TANF
    Head Start Income Eligible - Tribal Only
    Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance (BIA GA)
    CalFresh / SNAP (Food Stamps)
    National School Lunch's Free Lunch Program (NSL)
    Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


  2. Total income for all persons in your household meets the following income guidelines:

    Number of persons
    in household
    Total yearly household income* no more than 
    1 $22,340
    2 $30,260
    3 $38,180
    4 $46,100
    5 $54,020
    6 $61,940
    7 $69,860
    8 $77,780
    For each additional person in your household add $7,920.

    *These income guidelines are effective June 1, 2012 thru May 31, 2013.

Visit: SCE's website for more information.

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