Important meeting at the OCWD on Poseidon Desalination Project

An important update on the Poseidon Desalination issue 

On Wednesday July 17th the Water Issues Committee of the Orange County Water District (OCWD) directed OCWD staff to prepare all necessary information for the OCWD board to consider purchasing the FULL CAPACITY of the Poseidon Desalination project.  This is happening because the cities and smaller water districts are not signing up to purchase the water as Poseidon had planned.  Poseidon is making an end run around the water suppliers by attempting to have  OCWD (an agency that manages groundwater) act as the middleman and force their water on the cities/smaller districts.  Not only is this a sneaky trick on Poseidons part, but if they get away with it Poseidon will be able to go to the Coastal Commission and say that the full capacity of their project has been spoken for, greatly enhancing their chance of getting a Coastal Development Permit from the Commission.

We need to take action on this issue.  The first thing is that there is an OCWD board meeting this Wednesday at 5:30 pm that will have Poseidon as item 26 on the agenda.  We need to have a few people at this meeting.  Sorry about the horrible starting time and late notice but this issue just popped up and accommodating the public is obviously not their priority.  While speakers would be great, you don’t need to speak if you don’t want to, you can just hold up a NO Poseidon sign during the item and they will get the message.  Even if we get only two or three people there it would be helpful.  Everyone in Orange County is affected by this so if you can make it please try.  The address is 18700 Ward Street in Fountain Valley, California and directions are at

Basic talking Points for Poseidon

  • Don’t need the water/ do conservation, recycling first
  • Privatizes water supply
  • Degrades water quality
  • Increases energy use/Greenhouse gasses
  • Destroys fish stocks
  • Raises water rates

OCWD, 18700 Ward Street, Fountain ValleyCA 

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