No Water Deal: Poseidon Desalination

nowaterdeal_logo.jpgOCICE is not actively working on this campaign, but we certainly support it.  

No Water Deal is a campaign started by Residents for Responsible Desalination, an organization started over a decade ago, to keep the Poseidon Desalination Plant from being built in Huntington Beach, for the purpose of desalinating ocean water and selling it to residents.  This doesn't sound so bad right off the bat.  However:

      1. Orange County does not have a water shortage
      2. Orange County water districts that participate in this scam would be obligated to buy a certain number of cubic feet of water per year, regardless of whether or not we need it.  The cost, of course, would be passed on to the consumer (Us!) whether we use the water or not!

Visit No Water Deal for more information.  Sign up for their newsletter and attend city council meetings and Orange County Water District meetings to learn more.



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