OCICE Stands with Sikhs


The Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment (OCICE) abhors the desecration of the Sikh Temple in Riverside.  Our hearts are heavy with the awareness that there are still those out in the world who feed on hate and direct malice and destruction to those who do not meet their twisted standards for acceptance.

We have made many strides for loving cooperation and understanding of one another's religions and cultures in the last decade, but it is with sadness that we recognize that such uncivil and cruel actions are still taken by a minority of individuals who are ignorant of the sacredness of us all.  Their actions are those of fear for they do not understand that we all must stand together to create a more peaceful and loving world. 

OCICE stands with all our brothers and sisters of faith throughout the world.  May the savagery of the few give strength to the rest of us to continue our efforts to sow the seeds of love, understanding and acceptance everywhere.  

With the Love of All that is Sacred,

Your Friends at OCICE


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