Senate Kills Monsanto Protection Act!

say_no_gmo.jpgSenator Mikulski kills the Monsanto Protection Act in the Senate!

Congratulations to everyone who took action to stop this outrageous act in Congress! Your voices have been heard load and clear this week in DC!

Barbara_Mikulski_official_portrait_c._2011.jpgSenator Barbara U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski released a statement and Food Democracy Now! wishes to thank her!

“My promises made are promises kept. I have never supported the Monsanto provision, and I continue to oppose it...I have long fought for strong food safety measures. I have supported a bill requiring labeling of genetically engineered fish, an amendment to the Farm Bill that allows states to require labeling of edible foods and beverages for sale that contain genetically engineered ingredients, and called for labeling of cloned animals or their progeny."



Please take a moment to Thank Senator Mikulski for her efforts to keep the people of the United States safe from the likes of Monsanto!

 Read the full story here.

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