Sikh Declaration

sikh.jpgSince the beginning of the Sikh religion in the late fifteenth century, the faith has been built upon the message of the “oneness of Creation.” Sikhism believes the universe was created by an almighty God. He Himself is the creator and the master of all forms in the universe, responsible for all modes of nature and all elements in the world.

Sikhism firmly believes God to be the source of the birth, life and death of all beings. God is the omniscient, the basic cause of the creation and the personal God of them all.

From the Divine command occurs the creation and the dissolution of the universe (p 117, Guru Ganth Sahib). As their creator, the natural beauty which exists and can be found in all living things whether animals, birds, fish, belongs to Him, and He alone is their master, and without his Hukum (order) nothing exists, changes or develops.

Having brought the world into being, God sustains, nourishes and protects it. Nothing is overlooked. Even creatures in rocks and stones are well provided for. Birds who fly thousands of miles away leaving their young ones behind know that they would be sustained and taught to fend for themselves by God (Guru Arjan, in Rehras). The creatures of nature lead their lives under God’s command and with God’s grace.

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