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Home Owners Take Note! Solar Now!

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time. Wild weather, tsunamis, rising sea levels and retreating glaciers are all attributed to climate change. Current reports on 2011 say it’s the hottest year since records have been kept. Knowing that our reliance on fossil fuels that is causing our planet to heat up, we must do more than change our light bulbs and take shorter showers. We need to make a baseline shift and we need to do it now - before it’s beyond too late. So what more can we do?

I’ve been concerned about the lack of actions that we can offer to our members that will help combat climate change. I haven’t seen offers to turn in my gas burning vehicle for an electric one. I haven’t had anyone offer to come to my house and insulate it and implement an overall efficiency strategy that will help both the planet and my pocket book. I haven’t seen our government put forward a plan to move us away from our wrong-way energy system. But I got a call from Sungevity, a home solar integrator from Oakland, CA, and it changed things for me. Not only are they offering an easy way for every home owner to go solar, but they want to help us raise funds at the same time. Help is on the way!

Solar is Now Easy and Affordable.rossandjess.jpg

Sungevity offers home owners the chance to go solar with no money down and to replace their current electricity bill with a solar lease. Not only do they handle all the red tape and provide you with great customer service and a performance guarantee, but Sungevity customers will save up to 15% on their monthly electricity bills. Sungevity also gives new customers a $750 VISA gift card and a complimentary PC tablet to make monitoring their system easier and more fun.

And Sungevity is giving our organization $750 for every new customer who comes through our organization. “This looks great!” I thought. “but what’s the catch?” Amazingly enough, there isn’t one.





Three simple steps to going solar with Sungevity: lease_payment.jpg

  1. You request an "iQuote" - tell Sungevity where you live and how much electricity you use.
  2. They design and install a PV system that is customized for your home.
  3. They lease the panels to you for a low monthly rate while you sit back and save.

You can request a no obligation IQuote here to see if your home qualifies for solar. Once your system is installed and connected, Sungevity will send you a $750 cash gift card and will send us another $750 for our important work.

“Solar for All” is Sungevity’s vision - I wish them all the success. I mean, their success is our success, too. So please have a look and see if this opportunity is right for you.


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