Those Micro-Beads in Your Body Wash are Polluting the Ocean

Those of us here in Southern California should, by now, be familiar with Captain Charles Moore, Founder of The Algalita Marine Research Foundation.  You know...that guy who discovered the Pacific Gyres and has been educating the public about "Our Plastic Seas?"  Algalita is based out of Long Beach, so if you aren't familiar with them, you should be!

An article published in Grist, tells the depressing story of what those tiny little micro-beads in your body wash are doing to the oceans.

Read the excerpt or click here for the full story on Grist.

Sigh. You think the world would have caught on by now that plastic is one of the most incidentally destructive inventions the human race has ever come up with. Sure, L.A. just banned plastic bags, which is great. But meanwhile those tiny microbeads — the little bits of plastics in body wash that cosmetics companies invented for no real reason except to have a new thing to sell their customers — are slowly accumulating in the Great Lakes, where fish eat them.

For more information, visit Scientific American's website.

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